19 June 2008

A Big Thank You

We would like to thank all the staff in St Teresa's ward who took such great care of Cathal. They are all dedicated to each patient, and with out them, I don't know where we would be. During the time that Cathal was in hospital, I realised how hard the nurses work. In my opinion, they deserve everything they are asking for, reduced hours and higher wages. They work 12 hour shifts, rotating between day and night, and if a patient needs extra help or looking after, they will stay behind after their shift to make sure their patient is being looked after. Nursing is a vocation and I know that every one of those nurses love their work and would continue to look after people no matter what. We are truly lucky to have such dedicated people to look after us.


Nick McGivney said...

Yep, it's only when we're at the front do we see what the trenches are like for the folks who live in them all the time. There are some inspirational people working on our behalf, and the second people stop expecting the health service to break even or somehow bizarrely make a profit, the better off we'll all be. It is a bottomless hole for our money. It should be. All we have to do is make sure it's a well run and highly efficient bottomless hole at saving us when we need it. Easy peasy!

Cathal's Mammy said...

Well said downsdad, I know that next time they are striking, I'll be out there with them!! We should be pumping money in to the HSE to give everyone the best level of care possible, while supporting those that actually provide the care.