19 June 2008

Happy/ Sad/ Happy/ Sad


Anonymous said...

AWWWW.... So cute... Congratulations on your special gift.

I know that Cathal has great parents and I'm sure he will grow up to be a wonderful person and from the sounds of it he's definitely a fighter - maybe not Darth Vader style but maybe he will get a chance to use a light sabre - who knows what the future holds.

All the Best,

Ivo and Katharina :o)

Anonymous said...

Bienvenue parmi nous Cathal. Tu es craquant. Felicitations pour tes parents. ils sont fantastiques.
A bientot sur la cote d'azur irlandaise,


Anonymous said...

Oh my god you have the most beautiful son.
I found your blog through rollercoaster.
You are so lucky with your precious bundle and he is so lucky to have you!
Best of luck in the future