07 August 2008

Holidays....la la la la la Holidays

I saw a sheep

We went on holidays, yippy! Three days in Westport, yippy? Our last holiday was two years ago. Those were the pre recession, pre mortgage, pre baby days....ahh, I remember them well, we were young, careless, free, we had a disposable income. Where did it all go? Because we knew that we would be buying a house the following year, we decided to splash out, we went on a Caribbean cruise and three nights in Miami (a far cry from Westport, let me tell you!)

This year, after all the stresses of the last few months, we decided to take a tiny break. With Cathal's little heart, we didn't want to go somewhere too far on a plane or too hot....the West it is then.

I must say, what a beautiful little town Westport is, it has won many tidy towns competitions and it shows. The air.....ohhh the air.....so clean and fresh. Cathal kept sneezing, not used to that pollution free, pollinated air.

We went on a little day trip to Achill too, magnificent. Delicious food, beaming sun, clean (cold) sea, sheep, what more could you want.

It was all too short though, next year, I've decided, that respite grant is going to be used on a big holiday (two week cruise anyone?)

Gosh, that water's cold and splashy Mammy


Nick McGivney said...

That man looks like he has you pair all sussed out. You are going to be able to get away with nothing with that fella. Am so jealous of yr Westport trip. Love the place, can't get enough, don't get enough. Jacob hasn't been yet, but his brothers love the place too. Ahh soon, God...

Cathal's Mammy said...

He has us wrapped around his little finger Nick, and he knows it!

Sesame said...

Oh I would love to chub his little cheeks..Westport is lovely alright glad you all had a good time. After coming back from Blackpool I've decided to never leave Ireland again. It's as good as anywhere, if not better.