12 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Now, I'm not the most romantic person around, actually, I'm a bit of a bah humbug when it comes to Valentine's Day (after all, you should make the effort every day), but now I have no excuse. So forget those overpriced roses and the dodgy marzipan chocolates, get out there and find a Windmill for a measly €2 on the 13th and 14th in aid of Heart Children Ireland.


lisadom said...

Oh! I hope they are still in the shops today. That I can get on board with. The rest? Pah!

Martin said...

I managed to get 2 of these on saturday after a treat visit to Smyths toys, Noah loved them spinning away and was happy to support the cause for his little buddy! Valentines Schmalentines I say (but don't let me wife know I said that...).