04 February 2009

My Little Boy

Yes, that's it, the little baby is gone, only to be replaced with a little boy. I started to notice this change last week with a trip to the hairdressers. While I was there I decided to ask the hairdressers advice on the best way to tackle my son's mullet. I know what you are thinking, surely we did not leave him almost 11 months in 1985, but he was born with a rat's tail, and it was starting to get a bit too long for comfort. She offered to trim it for me there and then, so now my little baby looks like a little boy. Don't worry, the front wasn't touched, it's still as long and silky as ever. But it has changed him, he's grown up some how. When the other staff realised he was getting sheared, they came bounding towards me....
"Is he getting his first hair cut?"
"Are you going to keep his hair?"
Emmmm.....am I? Is that what's done now, gosh, I don't want to look like a bad Mammy.....Of course I'm going to keep it.
So now I have a little plastic bag, somewhere in the bookcase (well I think that's where I left it) with a little bit of baby hair in it.

Recently we've come to realise that between the growth spurts, the teething, the crankiness and tiredness, there is a little personality, a real little person emerging. I have come to the conclusion that he's a bit mad, possibly a little hyper active and a little comedian. He's trying to be more active, still no crawling, but he is rolling, in one direction , down the centre of the sitting room. He hits everything and shakes it to see what it does. Wooden spoons are used as drumsticks, tiny stuffed cloth animals are used as teething rings. He is exploring everything and anything you give him (except food.....typical). I scour the house for something new to give him. At the moment his favourite things are the plastic insert of a biscuit packet, a string of beads, and a rubber spatula.

He is also discovering his voice, raspberries are the way forward in communication it seems. I can't leave a room without waving good bye to him or he starts shouting after me. Whining and pretend crying are being used as blackmail.

He's got a thing for the ladies too, he flirts while we do the weekly shop, beams at any woman who talks to him.
"Hello, will you be my new Mammy?"

Sleeping 12 hours at night time, and taking long afternoon naps is now a thing of the past, apparently sleeping is for girls!

I can barley remember the days when he was tiny, sleepy and placid. Now all he wants to do is bounce and wriggle in my arms, while simultaneously hanging out of my hair, pretending to be Tarzan (my head is not a jungle!).
How fast time passes. What new trait will tomorrow bring?

Health up date: Just like Noah, Cathal had his eye test recently, and he has been given the all clear. He can see!!! No "wobble" in his eyes, no cataracts, just a strong possibility that he is a little long sited, but nothing that needs a prescription just yet. Next eye test is this time next year. Keep yer eyes peeled.....


Martin said...

Great news about his eyes! We are in Crumlin on monday so fingers crossed. Cathal looks like he's doing great, I can see him and Noah being quites the ladies men in the years to come...ooer!

Mel said...

Great talking Cathal- 'Mum mum mum'- a diplomat already :)

Elbog said...

What a wonderful post - you brought me a smile and several memories. My son always, somehow, looks older after a fresh haircut. I don't know what it is, either.

Nan P. said...

Hey, that looks like fun. Can I have a go next time I visit? Pleeeeeeeease!

BTW, tell your mummy I do not have any of her baby hair, but the toothfairy untrusted me with her baby teeth... And I know exactly where they are!

Hammie said...

Sure long sighted is the new well sighted; all the best people have it! (says she with the laptop at arms length)
Oh the first haircut and the loss of the baby face! I still see that baby when I look at my 11 year old; he never really goes away.
And it is your own fault he is a flirt; pretty mammys always have flirty babies. You wait, every young woman you meet will be pregnant within a year; little heart breakers always make the ladies clucky!