16 December 2008

Heart Update

I know, I've been incredible lazy the last few weeks. What can I say, lots to do at the moment it being the festive season and all that.

Anyway, Cathal went for his regular 2 monthly(ish) check up to have his heart looked at, and I am pleased to announce that he is doing great!!! We had a target weight to reach (8kg) and he weighed in at 8.27kg. And that's all down to me I might add, he's not a great eater, not a big fan of solids, so yes, I'm proud (see that light? It's me beaming with pride). We were also told that his pulmonary artery has grown a little. BIG JUMP FOR JOY! If it keeps growing little by little, it should make the operation a little less tricky. Surgery should be around spring/ summer. So now we keep waiting.

But poor Cathal, he did not like having the echo done. All it is is a scan, but as soon as Dr.McM put the gel on his chest, he screamed blue murder, and kept screaming. Even when he was dressed and we were sitting at the desk, every time he looked round to Dr.McM, he would start off again. My son knows how to hold a grudge, that's for sure.

This book is good mammy, can't wait to find out what happens

And Cathal met Santa, although he was more interested in pulling the little girls hair. At least he didn't try to pull Santa's beard, he would be on the naughty list for life otherwise!