30 January 2009

Wanna be in My Band?

11 January 2009

A & E is So Much Fun

Ah yes, he is keeping us on our toes, this little one. It all started last night, while Cathal was asleep. We noticed that he was short of breath and a little wheezy. So this morning, when he was still no better and he had an annoying cough that sounded more like a bark, we decided to visit our local A & E in Crumlin. And a good thing too. Turns out when we got there that his oxygen saturation levels were low, even for him.....between 58 and 60 (normally he is between 75 & 80). His chest was listened to in great detail, the doctor looked down his throat and discovered that his throat and airways are a bit inflamed. So yet another virus strikes again. When will they end?

A few doses of inhalers were administered, a steroid and after a few hours, he was jumping around the place. Ahhh......it's good to be able to breath again. His sats jumped up to 79/80 so we were let go....wohoo!!!

We've been given an inhaler to give to him as he needs, but he hates it. It's a two person job. How I'm going to give it while The Dad is at work, I don't know. Any takers??

07 January 2009

They All Said It was Just Man Flu

I was sick!

You may have heard, I was sick over Christmas. I had a rotten time, big swollen runny eyes, nose that was so stuffed up and runny I couldn't even breath, a horrible cough and a sore throat. To top it all off, those parents of mine opened most of MY presents while I tried to get a bit of kip on the big day itself. Bahumbug to them anyway. But don't worry, I got my own back, I managed to rub my nose in my mammy's face lots of times while pretending to give her those cute sloppy kisses. Ha, she fell for it, the fool, and I managed to spread....I mean share my germs. Sharing is Caring!!! She's still a bit sick, but well enough to look after me.
And I was teething and have nothing to show for it. Poo to Christmas. It's a bloody pain.

But I have managed to eat my way through most of my presents now. They all taste delicious by the way, hmmmm.....wooden toy trains are tasty. Those pesky parents keep trying to give me bits of orange and "healthy" biscuits to chew on, but toys are so much nicer.

Don't forget, my Nanny has organized a grand-parents day on the 14th....check on the left for more details and such. I'm off to have a bath now, I love my bath!