24 April 2010

Vote For....


has been nominated for two Webby Awards, Best Documentary Series and Best Reality. You can vote for them here. Click on the appropriate category, register to vote, and click till your hearts content. If they win, the cast get to go to New York, wouldn't that make a great episode!

A message from The Specials from KADA Films on Vimeo.

18 April 2010

Hip Hip HOORAY!!!

A few days ago, Cathal's cardiologist gave him the all clear....

That's right, Cathal's heart is looking fantastic.....wohoo!!!
We were in and out of the doctors office in 5 minutes, RECORD TIME...

And guess what, our cardiologist doesn't want to see him for another year :-)

I've had a big cheesy smile on my face all week

Hip Hip HOORAY!!!

My heart? There's nothing wrong with it now,
it's as good as perfect