27 August 2008

And Now He Can See You

Official announcement number two:

Cathal can see

Yes, it may come as a shock, I know you were not expecting it, but it is true.

Seriously though, Cathal had his first eye sight test today. We spent all night learning his ABC's, and it turns out that he didn't even need to read a chart for the test. Oh well, I guess I'll just start him in school now that he knows how to read *sigh*.

At this age (between 5-6months) all they are looking for is that he can focus. I could have told them that. He was a little young for some of the pictures and he was more interested in the lovely doctors face than the picture cards (he's got a bit of a thing for pretty ladies at the moment), but she was very happy with him and is not concerned. His next eye test will be at the end of January, and this will determine whether he is long or short sighted and whether he will need glasses. Apparently there are glasses out there for little babies, and honestly, I'd say it is likely that Cathal will need them, if he is anything like his Mammy.

Some things you can't put down to the downs, like eye sight, if short sightedness runs in the family, well you've got a 50/ 50 chance of getting it anyway. So any child of mine runs that risk. Hopefully he will have 20 20 vision like the Dad. Some things you just can't blame on a dodgy chromosome, like a bad mood, poor sight, cutest nose in the world, super ticklish cheeks, neck and tummy.

Cathal is 50.5% me, 50.5% the Dad, 101% perfect.

On a separate note, I'd like to warn you all that Cathal has a bit of competition in the greater Dublin area. Yes, there are a few other little babies out there that are competing against him for the title of "Cutest Baby/ Toddler Who Happens To Have An Extra Chromosome" (I'm working on the title, the sash might be a little to big otherwise). The nominees so far are Noah, Ava (Cathal's debs date) and Liam. We've met them, and the competition begins in earnest. If you have a suitable candidate that you would like to enter, us Mammies are trying to meet and compete (well when I say compete, I mean eat biscuits, drink tea and chat) once a week. So if you'd like to join in, please feel free to e-mail me.


Anonymous said...

Go Cathal! (not that I had any doubts about that), V

Sesame said...

Bring it on!! There's nothing he can't achieve. 3 out of my 4 wear glasses it's the one thing besides good looks they got from their ma.

Nan P. said...

The chances of Cathal needing glasses are 25%: the Dad has excellent vision, and on the Mammy's half, the Frenchie side has an excellent track record (except for reading passed some magical figure made up of a "4" and "0", but I have been told this applies to most people...).

And if needed, glasses can make you look cute ;-).

No matter what, Cathal has proved a winner, yet again. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Great news, hearing, eyesight and more good news to come. I love his rolling and worming videos too, he's just beautiful!!!

eadaoin said...

i so love reading your blogs Sylvaine, it's so good to hear all your good news and i'm delighted to hear that Cathal is doing so well.
super power for sure! ;)