16 October 2008

Know Your Child's Rights

Last Friday, the Ombudsman for Children, Emily Logan, came to John of Gods in Islandbridge for a bit of a chat. Well, my eyes were opened. Not only do we have an Ombudsman for Children in this country, we have some one who is prepared to fight for the rights of our children, especially our special children (and yes, I know, all children are special). It was a wonderfull talk, and unfortunatly I can't recall it word for word, or even attempt to transcibe most of the content here, there is one underlying feeling I'd like to share with you all.

If you have hit a brick wall. If you feel that your childs right to education, medical treatment, housing, and anything else listed on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, has been comprimised in any way, go to Emily. If you have exausted all local options, the principal of the school, the GP, the consultant, the HSE, the councillor, the TD (and any one else who will listen).....go to Emily. That's what she is there for, to help you fight for that Special Needs Assistant, that vital operation and ICU bed, that home especaily adapted to your childs needs.

So check out their website, bookmark it, know that there is hope, there is some one out there who can compel others to do what is best for your child.

Know Your Child's Rights


Lisamaree said...

I have a new star in the sky to look to, and it is you. Next time I hit a brick wall, I will look up.

Nick McGivney said...

Excellent work, Agent Cathal's Mam. Will bookmark. Keep up the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great to know, thanks Cathal's Mammy. Bookmarking it - hopefully won't have to use it but not holding my breathe!!

Rechru said...

I followed you here from RC Cathal's mammy. Thanks for this, interesting indeed