06 March 2009

Monday is the Day

On Monday, I got the call I've been dreading, the one I've been hopefully anticipating.

Cathal has his date for surgery.

He is scheduled for his full heart repair on Monday the 9th of March, the day before his first birthday.

Any one fancy a party in ICU?


Mel said...

What terrible timing, but it will be wonderful to have it over and done with. Wishing him and you all the best, we will be thinking of you :)

Nan P. said...

I'll bring the cake. Has any one a nice candle?

His 1st year ends as it started, in Crumlin Hospital... and the present of a lovely newly repaired heart for the next 99 years.


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, hope it all goes well for you and we'll all be waiting for a big party when you get out. Looking forward to lots of playtime soon.


Anonymous said...

toute nos pensées vous accompagnent pour les jours à venir. Un nouveau coeur emballé avec une "zip" comme cadeau d'anniversaire est un super cadeau. que notre amour vous aide à passer ces jours faits d'attente!!!

Cheri said...

We will be sending prayers and birthday wishes Cathal's way from California! I think a patched up heart is a actually a great present...for all of you :). I will check your blog for updates...I know how nerve wracking and anxious this time can be.

A bit of advice I have...you may have already thought of this, but we took pictures of our son Reid's chest "before" surgery and then an "after" so we had his chest documented in pictures before he got his "cool" tough guy scar.

Also, I wasn't a fan of the hospital gown for him post surgery so I brought his pj's to the hospital that had bottoms and a pj top that buttoned so all the wires could be navigated through.

Please feel free to email me at tlcforeman@verizon.net if you just want to commiserate with another mom who's little one also has a "dodgy" heart...actually I don't even know what "dodgy" means :) but I assume the description fits Reid's heart too. :)

Best wishes...Cathal will do great! :)

Cheri Foreman
Long Beach, CA

Colm said...

Best of luck to you all! Will be thinking of you all over the next few days........From Ava's Auntie Carol

South Dublin Dad said...

Good Morning, thinking of you guys and cant wait to see him back in action. Dave L

Nick McGivney said...

Looking forward to having the man back blogging soon. Thinking of you guys. Hugs and squeezes from the far distant Northside.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you...hope all went well...V

Jules said...

Thinking of you guys.I hope everything will be fine..Have a nice day.

tfc said...

hope everything went okay. Only checked in tonight to see how things were. Will run out and light my candle.

Sesame said...

Belated birthday wishes Cathal...please God your second birthday will be in the comfort of your own home and you can party hard....hoping the op went well and you're well on the recovery road...

stay strong mammy...tough little fella you got there...he will be up and about in no time...sending best wishes to you all xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed the date, hope all went well.
Jackie and Katie