31 January 2010

Time For Some Updates, First Stop, Physio

Physio, physio, physio.....ahhhhh...it's hard work for a little boy, especially when he is absolutely, positively, not one tiniest little bit interested in standing.

Sure, who needs standing, he can bum shuffle with lighting speed (if you don't believe me, check this out, second video down). He can get everywhere he needs to, to cause complete and utter destruction to his surroundings. Please consider the following photographic evidence as proof:

"Time for a tea break I think!"

"The cat likes to scavenge, doesn't he?"

Rolling is not a bad method for chasing a balloon or his own version of commando crawling (I really mean dragging himself along on his belly), is very useful when your fool of a mammy puts a biscuit 6 feet away from you in an attempt to make you crawl.

For months we have been trying to get him to stand:
  • in front of the TV, watching High Five, and getting him to dance -He is sooooo over that now, and after an episode of this, mammy's patience wears very very thin......
  • in front of the full length mirror, singing a song- bored with that now too
  • against the sofa with the cat just out of reach- he'd much prefer to sit and try and lure the cat instead
So now our physiotherapist has given us a new technique, which involves both parents, a special song to sing only when he is standing (not choosen yet, anyone have an idea for a good standing song?). I hope this one works!! We also have to get him to "crawl" up the top step of the stairs, and I discovered this morning, that leaving the basket of washing just out of his reach is his motivator to do it.

He's getting too heavy, and I have this sinking feeling of dread that I will be carrying him until he goes to school....arghhhhhhh

And it's not that he can't bear weight, he just won't. His knees stay together, his hips don't splay out, he's just a big lazy bum. The laziest child ever to grace the face of the planet.

He's always been a bit behind in terms of physio, I firmly believe that his surgery and subsequent recovery played a big role in this. Only on Friday did he sit up on his own, with no help or support, from his belly. He hasn't done it since. But now I know he can do it!!!...

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe he can stand, maybe he CAN walk....he's fooling us all, he just wants to be carried everywhere, FOREVER....

I'm on to you mister, from now on, it's going to be hard work in physio all the way


Shelly said...

I hear you Sylvaine: Motivation tools we had to use: TV Controls, Wii Controls, Car Keys, Mammy's hair (ouch),camera straps, Making up songs as we went along and he loved Queen " We are the Champions" thats just a few.
Your completely right they can do it but choose not to. Noah thinks its more fun to be carried around.

Mel said...

Sounds interesting! Luke is learning to take steps but what is the point when he can do everything that walking would achieve already. Except for not getting prickles in his hands!

Love the photos, thanks for the update. Lazy maybe, but extra cute ;)

Lisamaree said...

Are you allowed to take him swimming? Use a vest or ring, no arm bands! And get him to push his feet against your legs - perhaps b/w you and Pasq'


Cathal's Mammy said...

shelly....I was thinking of using the remote as a lure the other day and totally forgot!!! Any controller will do in our house.Thanks for the reminder

Mel, he is extra cute, and when he gives me a big cheesy smile, I can't help but pick him up to kiss him and make him laugh. He has me wrapped around his little finger.

Hammie, we are just back into the swing of things with swimming, there was none during December and January, and he was doing great standing in the baby pool. It will be a weakly thing from now on, and I will defiantly get one of those float vests, I always feel the armbands are too big for him and don't sit quiet right on his arms

Ria said...

I truly believe that our kids understand and know a whole lot more than they let on. And they are using this to their advantage very effectively. Just when I think I'm on to Matthew's latest "tricks", I discover that I'm several steps behind and he's got me in the palm of his hand, like a puppet ready for his next command. hahaha! Smart little cookies, they are!

Nan P. said...

Cathal’s little finger must be very spacious: I am wrapped round it too ;-)

週休 said...

給你一個鼓勵 ..................................................

Anonymous said...

We got a push along baby walker that has a brake to control the speed(made by Plan toys) on Amazon.
Declan would stand at the coffee table (if put there) and eventually started to side step. When we produced the walker he learned to stand at it and gradually we released the brake bit by bit and he would push it with our help. Now he is flying around independently (until he meets a wall!)that has a break at the back to slow the walker to a complete halt if you wish.
It was a great investment and has helped build his confidence and strength.