03 May 2010

We Were On...


Cathal, unfortunately, was not too happy about being there, as you can see from the clip. Every time I spoke he got even more upset ("don't tell them Mammy...DON'T TELL THEM ANYTHING!!!"). But didn't Nan P do well

Grandparents Unite!


Mel said...

Loved this- and so lovely to see you all 'live'. Great job spreading the word :)

Anonymous said...

Well done and thanks for advocating soooo well for us all.
Cathal; Declan agreed with you 100%
ColetteT & Co

Lisa said...

well he certainly has a fabulous set of lungs!

So proud of you both - TV Am is the big one!! xx

Nick McGivney said...

Cathal's mam - lookid you go... Exposé here we come! And I do like the way that Cathal's auditioning himself for the baby ads. True pro. However. The blonde with the hot accent... Anyone, erm, got a number for her??