28 July 2008

Happiness for me.....

Just like Sesame, Hammie tagged me (I don't even know what this is!) to come up with six things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. Martin
The love of my life, my partner for the last 8 years, and the father of my beautifull little boy. He is my best friend (I know, get the tissues, it's all getting a bit weepy again), he is a rock in my life. When things get very hairy (and I ain't talking about my legs), I can break down and cry in his arms, and he takes it, and supports me. He is a mirror of me, we are so alike that I feel he completes me.

2. Cathal
My little boy who I cannot even imagine life without. He has introduced me to a world I hardly knew existed. We have already met so many kind and lovely people through him. I love when first thing in the morning, when the dad or I go into his room to get him up at 8.30/9, he is usually awake just looking around, sucking his fingers. It takes him about 5-10 seconds to recognise us, but when he does, he gives us the biggest, toothless smile in the world and his limbs swing up and down with excitment.

3. Lazy Sundays
I love nothing more than lazying on a sunday, get up late, breakfast, brush teeth at 1, eat junk all day, watch trashy tv (Murder She Wrote in particular), just being a pig. With Cathal, this hasn't happened for a while, and is not likely to happen until he is 14, can't wait!!

4. Holidays
Love holidays. Love sun. Love heat. Love walking around a new city. Love discovering lots of tasty places to eat. (The dad and I don't care for boozing, so we make sure to find all the best places to eat, including the best places for dessert. Other people drink, we eat sugar.)

5. Owning my house
Well, the bank owns most of it, but I can do what I like to it, and we both slept in a brand new bed for the first time when we bought our house (we are both products of the last recsession, hand me downs for both of us growing up)

6. Retirement
I can't wait to retire. I love it already. I am looking forward to that day when I know I never have to work again. I will be fighting for Cathal to be as independent as possible as an adult, if only so that the dad and I can retire and travel the world (selfish, I know, but who can pass up a permanant holiday)

Now your turn.... think of 6 things that make you happy, feel free to add them as comments below, or write them in your blog

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Lisamaree said...

Thats a lovely 6. I hope you enjoyed thinking about it.
You just put in 5 blogs that you like (who havent done their 6 yet)and name them in your final paragraph. Then you can wait for them to read your blog and find out by surprise. (as I did) Or you can tell them via their comments.
enjoy surfing for your 5!

Sesame said...

Nice one. Much as I don't wanna give up on this 'challenge' I feel like I'm just using people by commenting so that they will look at my blog but hey that seems to be how it all works so go for it. Have had no joy yet though..good luck with it

The Mandarin Man said...

I will have difficulties naming 6 the way you have Cathals mum. I think with my kids, chickens and family I may have to try and figure out how to get down to the best 6. One thing that would be somewhere in the mix though is reading this great blog! I don't know how well read it is (and that really doesn't matter) - but I reckon this gives brilliant advice to couples with newborns and all the associated happy challenges and changes. Well done you!

Kate said...

A wonderful idea which has promted me to resurrect an old blog and give it a go. If you like you can view the results at purringnotlaughing.blogspot.com