30 October 2008

Is He Suffering??

According to TV3, he is. There I was, watching the news this evening, the headline report "The government does another u-turn on the budget"....horah! However, my joy was dampened slightly. During the course of the report, they showed a woman and photos of her daughter, and the report spoke over these images, " ....., who's daughter suffers from down syndrome...."

YES, that's right, every person who has down syndrome is suffering from some kind of dibilitating disease. I imediatly checked Cathal over, he has a cough and a sore throat. I've taken this to be a sign of his suffering, and I've quarintined him so that he can't infect anyone else with extra random chromosomes. I URGE YOU TO DO THE SAME!!!

Honestly, who let that one slip by? Surely someone who works in TV3 has a relative, friend or knows a friend of a friend who has a disability. Surley someone could have spotted this gross misuse of language. I don't know. It just throws the "ahh, god bless him" back in your face. So I've written to them, expressing my concerns....we'll see what comes of it.

On a lighter note, we had the DCA assesment yesterday. After waiting 6 months, we had a 10 minute appointment. We all met a lovely doctor for about 10 minutes, who then told us we that the DCA is automatic. Well, why on earth did we need to wait 6 months for a 10 minute appointment. There you go, another example of a waste of time and money by the HSE. Oh dear, well at least it will all be backdated, so I'm thinking of it like a savings account.

I have to ask, what next? Answers on the back of a postcard addressed to "the boy suffering from down syndrome" if you please.


Nick McGivney said...

He's suffering some fools, if you ask me. And there's plenty more where they came from. We'll just have to smile and pirouette our way through them, because more pity them if they never get to know what we are privileged to experience.

Lisamaree said...

I think Cathal and Jacob are insufferably cute, does that help you find the source of the problem.

As for the "turn around", I guess Madama Hanofun didnt want to get into a beetle battle with those pesky disability kids again.

Congrats on the DCA. Just be sure to bring him in to be checked once a year, to make sure he still has Downs, you don't want to be cheating the system there Mammy.

I had a HSE admin person ring me 2 weeks ago to enquire about a garda clearance I had filled out for a new angel. Her date of birth matched the date she moved into her first home address, her only address as it happens as she is only 20. But no, the HSE mandarin had to keep the form for 2 weeks in an in-tray, then ring me to find out what country this girl was born in.I tell ya, you gotta be quick to spot those teleported ring in baby sitters!
thank goodness they got a 5% payRISE in the budget, or it could have taken 4 weeks to pick up that phone.

Jeffrey Goble said...

Once I realized that we are all suffering - it may be ignorance, indifference, thinking that this life is a tidy bundle that unwraps just for us - this stuff became a bit more bearable for me. The skill is determining what another's suffering is, and doing what you can to alleviate it.
I, for one, suffer from myopic verbosity, although I've never entered politics, probably because I also suffer from advanced ennui.
You go get em!
And Nick, you on youtube. Pirouette. Now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the DCA, it's good to have it confirmed 7months on that he is, in fact, suffering from Downs Syndrome!

In our case, it's me suffering from Liam's sudden inability to sleep a full night and Liam suffering from me being so pissed off!!

Let us know what the idiots at TV3 say.